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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of common questions that our clients ask us. If you need more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our hearts and prayers are with those who have suffered personal losses because of this pandemic. Therefore we take the recommendations of medical professionals very seriously. At the same time we also recognize that some businesses must remain open to service needed sectors for public safety and security.

As an essential business providing much needed cleaning and disinfecting services we have made adjustments regarding the health and safety of our clients and employees. For example, no employee is allowed to work if they show COVID flu-like symptoms. We also promote safe distancing with our clients including: the recent addition of contactless payments, use proper disinfection techniques, and keep up to date with governmental recommendations.

Therefore there may be some services that are temporarily unavailable and/or we may request our clients to make small adjustments to help in our efforts to safely provide the high level of service you have come to expect from us.

We wish you all the best as we work together to navigate these unprecedented times. Please feel free to contact us anytime for more information.

All of our residential services start with a free in-home visit to see the space and figure out exactly the work to be done. Call us to set up an appointment and a home & office cleaning professional will offer a personalized quote based on your home's specific needs.

Of course. Garay Cleaning Services understands the need for off-hours cleaning. As such, we can work within your existing schedule to find optimal times to come to your office so you start clean each and every day.

On request, we're happy to provide full green cleaning services complete with eco-friendly cleaning supplies and socially responsible techniques. Call 707-454-6299 to learn more about our green cleaning home & office cleaning work.

Work Location:

We, Garay Cleaning Service, “GCS”, agree to furnish labor, materials, and supplies, excluding heavy equipment, required for the above noted work and as specified for the amount listed above or as noted in the comments below.

Window Cleaning:

GCS shall clean all the above noted buildings/homes windows exterior and/or interior surfaces as discussed, so as to remove dirt, smudges, and water from frames and seals; clean window screens; scrub, clean and squeegee windows followed by towel drying tracks and frames. Any preexisting paint or water spots that remain can be removed at additional cost, but are not part of normal cleaning processes.

Gutter Cleaning:

We agree to remove debris from gutters and make reasonable efforts to clear all downspouts of obstructions. Any clogs in drains that run underground can be cleared at an additional cost, but are not included in the gutter cleaning process. GCS will repair or replace cracked or broken roof tiles directly caused by us. Method of repair is at the sole discretion of GCS.

Pressure Washing:

Reasonable precautions will be taken during any pressure washing service but due to the high power of such services, GCS is NOT responsible for damage such as chipped paint, etched concrete, etc. Not all stains can be removed with pressure washing. Strong cleaning chemicals are used and may temporarily effect the appearance of surrounding plants and shrubs.

Screen Repair/Replacement:

Reasonable effort will be made to match color and material to existing frame/home/decoration/previous screen but is not a guarantee.

Although we will use all materials and methods available to us along with our professional skill to discourage animals from roosting, accessing prohibited areas, etc. no form of abatement is fullproof; we cannot guarantee a completely pest-free environment. Our methods of abatement may require attaching materials to your roof and/or solar panels. It is your responsibility to confirm these materials and or method of attachment will not void any warranties you may have. We are happy to provide a full explanation of the materials and methods we will use. Although we do our best to keep up-to-date on current methods and materials, warranty limitations vary by manufacturer and installer. We are NOT responsible for voided warranties if you fail to notify us of any restrictions before work is started.

All Services:

Work will be done in a safe and practical manner. Not responsible for previous wear & tear or damage or further damage caused by these conditions.


All work shall be completed for the agreed upon sum as stated above. Payment shall be made in full upon completion of work. All remaining unpaid balances shall be subject to a monthly finance charge of 2% per month until balance is paid in full. In the event of failure to pay the agreed sum within 45 days, client shall be held liable for any fees, legal or otherwise, required to collect on all or any monies owed for services rendered. Such fees shall be added to the existing outstanding balance of this work order document. Payment is to be made to the business listed at the top of this agreement.


Depending on the service being performed we ask that where possible please provide the following:

Access to windows (by moving window coverings, decorative items, furniture, etc.). Clear away items where pressure/soft washing will take place and cover items you do not wish to be subjected to water/cleaning solutions. Secure pets out of harm's way. Provide access all the way around the home or building. Provide access to water. Other more specific requests may be made during the walkthrough. Please note that we are not responsible for damage to property that we must move to access areas requested to be cleaned.


Scratched windows, worn out screens & blinds, roof tile damage, or other common preexisting conditions are the responsibility of the homeowner. This list shall be considered not all encompassing as some damage may not be readily visible during initial inspection.

The terms of this contract shall apply to future services at the listed address and/or client.

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Garay Cleaning Services provides professional home & office cleaning service to a growing number of clients in the The Greater Bay Area area and beyond.


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